sigla Centrul de Studii Viti-Vinicole si Analiza Senzoriala                    

     The Center for Studies in Viticulture, Winemaking and Sensory Analysis (in Romanian, CENTRUL DE STUDII VITI-VINICOLE ŞI ANALIZĂ SENZORIALĂ - CSVVAS) is a professional association established in 2008, functioning as a non-gonvernmental, non-profit legal entity. It is recorded in the Registry for associations and foundation with number 69/07.07.2008, according to the stipulations of Government Ordinance no. 26/2000 and the Decree no. 31/1954 regarding natural and legal person.

     The association has as its purpose the promotion of scientific research, cultural activities, professional training and any other activities which can contribute to the development and spreading of technical-scientifical knowledge and applications in the field of viticulture and enology, agriculture and food, as well as sensory analysis. The objectives of the association, included in its statutes, are aimed at the promotion of research in viticulture, winemaking and sensory analysis, by elaboration and implementation of programs for scientific research, technological development, service, consultancy, national and international cooperation in these fields of activity.

    According to the statutes, the members of the association can be: founding members, associated members and honorary members.

     The associated members can be natural and legal persons who wish to be associated with CSSVAS, agree with the purposes of the association and undertake to contribute, through their activity, to the accomplisment of the goals of the association. Natural persons who become associated members contribute with a yearly fee set by consensus at the latest grand assembly of the association. For 2009 the fee was set to 10 lei.

    Those interested to become associated members can file a written application with CSVVAS, addressed to the President of the association. The Directory Council of CSVVAS will acknowledge the application and submit it for approval to the next Grand Assembly of the Association. Upon approval the new member will be accepted, a member ID will be issued and the entrance fee of 10 lei will have to be paid.

     Contact persons:

     Prof. Dr. Antoce Oana Arina: Tel. +40-745-875361, E-mail:;     

     Prof. Dr. Ioan Nămoloşanu: Tel. +40-741-128097, E-mail:

    PRESIDENT    Prof. Dr. Ioan Nămoloşanu

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